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Monday, 7 January 2013


I hope you like the new layout! i found this template and I love it its soo slick, anyway it was a pain to edit the box at the side as i had to do HTML, but not just HTML... SPANISH HTML! :P anyways i suppose you want a pic of a model or two so here is a WIP terminator! 

I did these with my zenithial priming method that eveyone else thinks is sillt but i like it! I kept the knuckles black but i dont know about making the entire fist black, and i think i might make the eyes blue?

anyways whilst its really time consuming i think its much more rewarding painting minis with a brush rather than a airbrush.

-fuzz :)


DrLove42 said...

It amuses me that the post below this say "ha ha i shall never change the font" :p

Fuzzbuket said...

i didnt change it the template did :0

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