Fuzz's LISTS (1750)

hi :)

this is my army list page, if your here you are either looking for a new army list, or are playing me on vassal :D

so anywyas here are my lists (eldar and grey knight) both around the idea that looking sideways is better than looking up :P

THE SHUNT CRUCH (grey knights , 1750)
like the shunt punch, but with a land raider full of paladins :D  simples really, libby+mordak DS next to the enemy turn 1, libby summons LRR and fun is had by all
1) mordak 200
-4 ghost knights,2 fachions,banner,hammer 195
  2) librarian: the summoning, 2 servo skulls and warp rift  170 
3) 5 paladins ,  hammer,3 falchions,apothecary,banner 400
4) 5GKT 1 psylincer,stave,hammer -235
5) 5ght incinerator, psybolt,2 halbards 225
6) 10 gk psycannon, incinerator,psybolt, 5 halbards,1 falchions 275
7) LRR, psyflame warp stabilisation field, multimelta, storm bolter - 290
theres 3 sides to this:
the core: wraithguard, guardians, farseer, wraithlords all slowly walk up the middle shooting ALL THE THINGS,
the support: the bikes bounce around, taking objectives mass assulting opponents and soforth
SPIDERS: the spiders and (suicide)autarch bouncing around blowing up transports annoying the enemy and in general causing chaos!!
HQ -autarch (jump generator, mandiblasters, power weapon and a fusion gun)- 125pts
HQ- farseer (mindwar, fortune, eldritch storm, spirit stones) - 125pts
ELITES-3 wraith-guards- 105pts
TROOP-3 jetbikes (1 shuriken cannon) -72pts
TROOP-3 jetbikes (1 shuriken cannon) -72pts
TROOP- 10 strorm guardians ( 2 fusion guns)-  92pts
TROOP- 10 guardians and a warlock(eldar missile launcer) -125pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault, power-blades, dual spinners)- 257pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault,power-blades, dual spinners  )- 257pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault,power-blades,dual spinners)- 257pts
HEAVY- Wraith-lord (wraithsword, eldar missile launcher) - 125pts
HEAVY - Wraith-lord (scatter laser, eldar missile launcher) - 135pts
if you have any  questions email me at: