Terminator wip: gunmetal/cloth

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yeah, thats about it  but hey i think it looks cool, the metal was done with 75:20:5 of black, boltgun metal, water, then shaded with vallejo  air black (aplied with a brush)

The heatsinks were then shaded with orange

Thats all for the late post :) -fuzz

P.s. my 7850 oc came in the post :D


Master Bryss said...

Damn you and your actual progress... seems to be working out.

Oh, and the postdate and the post title seem to have fused together into some sort of evil text hybrid. If the Spanish HTML is still being evil, send it to me and I'll try and fail to translate it for ya.

Master Bryss said...

Oh, and what was the name of your old font? It's important, sort of. You may see why soon.

Mark Mercer said...

Terminator is looking sweet!

Theme is looking nice, mate. Just needs some finer tuning.

Fuzzbuket said...

@bryss thanks :D ill try yo fix the problem with the titles

@mercer cheers :D yeah ill do more work with the theme.

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