COMMISIONS (pricing)

hi :)

this is where the priceing is for my commission painting.

table top +
roughly my personal army standard, at the level of the stuff you see on my blog!
pricing is:

£5 per 5 small infantry (goblins , grots , 6mm scale , ect)
£7.50 per 5 infantry (space marines,knights,orks,ect)
£2.50 per 1 larger infantry (if its on a 40mm base)
£3 per bike/calvary/beasts
£4 for heroes (up to 40mm base including  warjacks)
£5 for tanks/ monsters
email me for prices for large tanks/monsters/dioramas!
 magnetizing is £1 extra (£2 on tanks)
I will do conversions, and can base the models to match your army.


Email me for a  quote or with any questions at:

FUZZBUKET (at) GMAIL (dot) com