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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


haha fooled you: :D I SHALL NEVER CHANGE ZE FONT

anyway here is the finished conversion for the termi squad and the captain. its sorta hard to see but ive removed all the DA icons, added a chainfist and done a ton of work to the captain!
as  for resolutions

-4 posts a week, so changing monday, wednesday, friday to that and sunday.
- wendsday will always be off topic, what do you want? pandas? videogame reviews? music and film reviews? lahzors? a list of links? you ask ill hopefully provide!
-better filler content. if i dont have 40k to post ill have some decent filler at least
- sort out the pages to the side ->
-hopefully attend bolscon 2013
-hopefully get a to4g army finished
-possibly add a amaizng banner to the top.
-earn more than £2 with adsence. ( im not saying click the ads but thats what im implying, see if i like make a ton, ill have some contests and st*t, like you guys like free stuff right?)

and thats it :D

-happy holidays! and have a great 2013



Master Bryss said...

Happy new year, closest thing I have to an internet friend!

Oh, and a word of warning. Even implying 'click the ads' could break some term or whatever. Purgatus (he who used to write for YTTH) encouraged people to click ads to buy him a birthday present, and they took them away from him (the ads, not the presents).

If you need any silly banner help, I can try to be a font of ideas.

Fuzzbuket said...

Happy new year too internet bro :D

yeah i am careful with adsence and that, only implying people to click things, actually at first google didnt let me register as i had images from google images -_-

and whats your fantastic banner idea? id love to know.


Master Bryss said...

I don't as much have an idea as the potential to have ideas. I have a feeling t'would involve font, red pandas and other silly things.

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