Mechanicus auto sentry drone....Not dead , just busy

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wow ive not posted in ageees, but here  is a finished kitbash.of a mechanicus drone, slightly inspired by oblivion.

Film review: OBLIVION (starring Tom cruise)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen

Tonight we shall have a diffrent sort of bit of content. as you see most of you are american, and in america oblivion isnt out yet, so without further ado lets have our spolier free review!

Right first of all im going to say this. TRY TO NOT WATCH ANY TRAILERS AT ALL. really it can ruin it.

so a basic (spoiler free synopsis) is that Jack Harper(Tom Cruise) and  Victoria Oslen (Andrea Riseborough) are the only 2 humans left on earth. As it is the year 2070 and humanity is reeling from the aftermath of a war with aliens (known as scavangers), and during its closing days humanity deployed nukes, turning the world into a desolate wasteland, and humanity is leaving for the stars on a giant space station. Harper and Oslen are left to make sure that the generators sucking water from the oceans are still functional and are protected and that the drones are functioning.

Harper encounters some scavengers whilst fixing a drone, it must be noted that for a large part you never properly see a scavanger, which is intruiging and makes it a much more tense film.

So right off the bat, wow the effects are beautiful, the white shine of the drones off the  wasteland, and the  sci-fi tech all looks beautiful,  and combined with some stunning camerawork it does look fantastic, and especially later on in the film the lighting really shines and looks beautiful, especially when coupled with the aliens  eye glows.

The plot is definetly great, but not ground breaking, a fantastic and intruging reval makes the 2nd half very enjoyable , but the first half may or may not be to your taste.

However the locations are where this film really shines, ruined football pitches, a fantastic gloomy library interior is really a high point early on, and the Interior of the base in the 2nd half is quite spectacular.

The acting is brilliant as well, with Tom cruises charismatic eagerness really shining as well as Andrea Riseborough for provinding possibly the most intresting sci-fi character that ive seen in quite a long time. several other notable actors appear later on , however im not naming names as it was one of the high points of the film when they appeared to me, what i must say though is that their acting is fantastic, and the more senior ones is really stunning towards the end.

Another Item for which this film deserves prais for is the art direction, the scavangers equipment and helmets is a perfect contrast to the sleek and otherworldy technology of Harper.

Thankfully this film also steers clear of many sci-fi tropes.

Harper and Victoria's giant house in the sky. in the foreground is Harpers VTOL craft.

All in all if you want a Film thats intreguing, a pleasure to watch and is a change from what most other modern films are; this film is for you. If you like sci-fi (and this is 40k blog, of course you like sci-fi!) this is for you.  This film might not be for people who want some sort of chick flick, (or it might be, there are a lot of emotions and stuffs.) 

I would thoroughly recommend this film to anyone, As whilst it wasnt the most Thought-provoking (although it was mildly deep, and was by no means shallow), it was a pleasure to watch.

so go watch it, just dont look at posters and trailers.
Because (highlight for spoiler) (I didnt know Mr.Freeman was in it, and seeing him appear was fantastic, the same goes for nikolage Coster Waldau (Jaime lanister from a game of thrones))

chosen, your face is on your face. unless you are a possesed chaos marine :P

Friday, 5 April 2013


i have been painting a little :D
not much but its a fun WIP! oh and i got decent pics too!

yes i need to fix the eye but the gooey flesh looks pretty!

*insert terrible pun about horn here*


'dat smooth green blend

and a decent photo of this chap.



The new armour suit in the new IRON MAN film. look familiar to anyone?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

like really.

marvel is one of the biggest comic companies in the world and look at all that originality

all that creativity

all that ..


is that a ..

surely not...
(new iron man heavy lifter armour)

Looks at top of head ,neck,body,shins,hands,shoulders,face,vents,shoes
every  damn bit that isnt the upper thighs.

it looks a AWFUL lot like



no im not dead, Chosen #2 FINISHED

Monday, 25 March 2013

you can all stop crying endless tears about my absence!

sadly ive got exams soon so i wont be blogging much in the next month,  but i should be back to blogging in june :D i will still post, just not as much :/

anyways have some photos of this chosen!

i do like painting the mutated bits! and the power weapon was really fun to do (i might do a tutoiral!)

so thats me for tonight

cya all soon :D

Chosen, #2 PIW#2

Monday, 18 March 2013

hello again

its your fave probably insanse internet person here again! 

with another WIP

shiney gold (im really chuffed with it) and gribbly spikes :D



chosen #2: PIW

Friday, 15 March 2013

yes we are sticking with PIW as it sounds cool.

i feel that i should add some eeire neon blue to the ribs
going to do some cool stuff with this soon

so yeah! :D


Chaos Chosen: now in green progress in work.

Monday, 11 March 2013

PIW, sounds so much cooler than wip

you see wip sounds either like
-whiplash: not fun
-indaina jones whip: fun
-slave drivers whip: not fun
-like a squigy vegtable.

BUT PIW, sounds like lasers, PIW PIW PIW.


anyways heres a chaos chosen PIW

green  is my fave colour to paint i also adore the shoulder

other side :D

these chosen are also super fun to paint!

also whos been watching the planetside 2 war corrospondant things on youtube? im in the 3rd one :D (not out yet)


Cultist squad FINISHED :D

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Huzzah, ive finished something and got fairly decent photos,

this squad was just a fun thing to paint, so it isnt groundbreaking, but hey, it was fun!



cultists and BURNING UP.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

needs a teeny tiny spot more work but ill worry about that later!
i like his hat

do you want a tut on how to do the vents like that (that was a super quick one, i reckon ill do a super high quality cultist soon)

and the glourious anthem of our lord teezench.
IDGAFOS if its off topic