final WIP of the tactical squad

Friday, 14 December 2012

oh my its all emotional and stuff cause ive been procrastinating this too long :P'

i would type more but fuck sake ive been reading up on the tradgedy that occuoured in conercuit and its fucking horrific. and the news reaction is retarded. yeah interview those kids who now probably have PTSD. yeah simplyfiy the issue into video games/less guns/more guns

FETH THIS. im off to play some skyrim. at least there everyones happy and stuff.  and its sunny.

thats the final WIP. also a little challenge figure out what differentiates the 2 combat squads! winner gets a shoutout/small section of text in my next post!


Mark Mercer said...

Fists are looking sweet, dude. The difference is there's a Sgt in one squad and not the other :P

Fuzzbuket said...

cheers and nope thats not the diffrence :D try harder its easiest too see it in the first photos.

Master Bryss said...

Here are my guesses:

One squad has 2 plasma weapons, the other has 2.
One squad is more battle-damaged than the other.
One squad believes in fairies, the other does not.
One squad knows Soylent Green is people, the other does not.
One squad appears in my eyes to be Annan, the other does not.

Master Bryss said...

Sorry, one squad has 2 plasma weapons, the other has 1.

Fuzzbuket said...

ive not asked if either squad is aware of what soylent green is.

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