Tactical squad finished :D

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

woohoo! bike should get finished soon :D

lets just not tell the T04g chaps >

its not like drlove is winning with like 3x everyone elses points...

anyways onto pics and the answer to fridays puzzle!

sarge fancy-chainsword and cool hat

i am fond of the osl :D

next time ill just use decals i think. painting all of those fists took sooo long :/


and more osl

more shoulders and the nice chainsword

and the answer to the question! what differentiates the combat squads is........

NOT the knowlege that soylent green is people food!
not the amount of battle damage

BUT THE KNEEPADS! (if you got it right you get 5 fuzzpoints, redeemable at your local   fuzz for a cookie)

the forward squad has yellow knees the cannon squad has black knees (and the sarge has white)

and thats it for tonight :D



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