banner bearer finished :D

Monday, 1 October 2012


right,  september was a off month, now im back onto posting, lets see if this month we can hit 9k views per month!! anyways to start the month off well heres the latest and final member of the IF command squad!, from this i leaned that yellow is easy, i love painting faces and can no longer paint eyes/freehand (dammit i need a new brush!)

yes its hairy, i flocked the top of the banner slightly, and the excess is on the thing, itll fall off soon though!

ka-done! i love the face and pistol :D and i got to play with the  messy,sticky white...DAMMIT WE ARE ALL MATURE HERE I WAS MEAING FLOCK+PVA+WATER+PAINT. you disgust me.

anyways!  so this month will see a lot more content (probably due to the fact that A) theres is a tale of X gamers (see the sidebar) and B) its my birthday on wednesday YAAY :D so painty stuff

and C) all blogers are OCD about traffic stats. its a fact.

-fuzz :D
p.s. lets start harrasing mercer again, i shall reclaim my coveted spot in the UK top 10 40k blogs of the week :P
p.p.s. and reddit. cant beat reddit for traffic (and hate YAAAY)
p.p.p.s. played some deus ex:HR recently, suprisingly vending machinces are perfect to help your strealth :D


Mark Mercer said...

You traffic will indeed be increasing; stay tuned for end of week UK Bloggers round up ;)

Fuzzbuket said...

cheers :D best birthday present ever!

IDICBeer said...

Found you from the UK Bloggers group, now following. Banner looks great buddy

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou :D

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