red panda wednesday: its fuzz's birthday!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hello :D

today is a great day? why because its my birthday!
i love birthdays, not because its a excuse for free stuff but because everyones nice to you and it all seems good :D so wooo im in a good mood and because of that todays post contains 33.3333333333% more pandas! arnt you lucky :P (am i not the most benevolent overlord and glourious leader?)
hmmm  what is this?
i sees....
CAKE! (or bamboo twigs, but i think thats the panda cake equivilant)
nom noim nom all done :D

wooo so thats it! im in a really good mood!

-fuzz (who is now  a year older than he was yesterday, wait waht!)

and eh yeah on friday expect a well cool update!


Master Bryss said...

(upsidedownexclamationamark)Feliz cumplean(squiggle)os, Fuzz!

Yes, I haven't been snarking at you for a while, I've been busy learning the law. But rest assured, one day, when you least expect it, I shall return to harass you further.

Mark Mercer said...

Happy bday, red panda stalker!

Fuzzbuket said...

@bryss aieeeeeeeeeeeeee a lawyer :P

@mercer cheers :D

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