BOLSCON UK, and a army list

Friday, 28 September 2012


you may have heard of bolcon UK if not well, its like BOLSCON: the big fancy tourney in the US. but isntead of bigred and goatboy its TDA and me. and its in the UK, and eh, go see the offical thread for more info

and there is also a tale of 4 5 undefined gamers in which ill be doing IF.

so i sat down and made a army list for them  1500 pts, and with a plan to spend not too much (so creative use of DV) and a desire to do a tank or two i made this list

HQ- captain  -170pts 
-artificer armour, grenade launcher,relic blade,storm shield
-this seemed cool and the GL seems like a really powerful bit of kit!

HQ- command squad - 155 PTS
-standard bearer, company champion, meltagun, medic.
-first unit thats 99% done. built befor i made the list.

HQ- librarian -150pts 
-yes like the rest of the people here im using DV cause its cheap and looks fantastic!

ELITES- terminator squad -245pts
-assault cannon, 3 chainfists
-i like termies and DV

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-plasma pistol, gun and cannon. comes with a teleport homer

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-fist, meltagun, missle launcher
-i suppose i need 2 troops choices...

FAST-3 bikes -115pts
-pew pew pew pew pew

HEAVY- preadator -85pts
heavy bolter sponsons.
-dakka dakka dakka. 

HEAVY- vindicator -115pts
-what? i like blowing things up.

-TRANSPORT- Drop pod (locator beacon) -45pts (command squad)
-TRANSPORT - drop pod -35pts (tactical squad)
------------ABOUT 1500 PTS----------

so yeah! im going to use the airbrush on almost everything and i think some bright yellow bikes will look great ^__^


also this also means i can contribute to a second blog! go there and eh, read it, imagine my glourious victory and tell your freinds!


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