red panda wendsday wooo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

dont lie.
you may pretend your all manly and have not missed the pandas weekly segment, and that little plastic men are the best.
dont lie

you were in tears. not a single manly tear but a stream of effeminite love because of your lack of panda goodness and CC images from flickr because i cba with anymore copyright shennanigns from adsence :/
i plotts mah wevenge!

oh hai. this is mah rock , there are many like it but this one is mines :D

and thats it!


also painting music recomendations:
dying (dillon francis remix)- kill the noise
language-porter robinson
get buys (ft skepta)- rude kid 
music is dead- dillon francis/doctor P
dubsteppin-p money

because we <3 :p=":p" and="and" br="br" brittish="brittish" dubstep="dubstep" music="music">

oh and protip: dont watch schindlers list and the one that flew over the cookoos nest in the same day, at least schindlers list had a happy ending. (ow right in the feels :/)


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