imperial fist champion: DONE

Friday, 10 August 2012


this is the final (well until the squads finished) post on this chap.

its just the stock model but i did a little conversion. IF are the parent chapter of the BT, a champion needs a sword thats better then the BT One. so this champ has a GKT sword (about the height of a marine lol :D)

damnit i need to touch up the banner :P -_- oh well

im really pleased with this guy

i finally got good at scratches WOOO :D

i liek yellow it tastes of potato

*atmospheric shot due to the fact that my light is too bright*


and thats it :D this guy's done, the spec ops marine is done and ill move on to the medic next now for the medic (and the rest of the IF's) im priming them white. and for regular squaddies i MAY use a airbrush.

and thats it :D


p.s. im currently installing my skyrim mods. all 154 of them. dont judge me :P

p.p.s hello reddit!


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