more command squad WIPS,giant robots and why taking minis on holiday is a bad idea,

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

hi sorry for the lack of posts, its because i was on holliday (WOOOO)

anyway here is some more WIPS of the champion, i fecked up the blend on the legs and shield :( so i used severl black glazes to tint it darker! why? well ive noticed glazes and washes dull blends: terrible on that painstakinly blended cloak but for some realistic marine armour plates its great!

terrible blend but the wash... smoothed it, but also reduces the sharpness..

i think i will re-edge hilight the legs to make it pop more! 

and here is why you shouldnt take minis on planes.

i did it cause i thought id get bored on holiday (i once painted up a fire prisim in italy, quite fun painting in the sun!)

rememver this?
well the planes went quite hight and the pressure popped the superglue

oh and theres this: when released it WILL be road legal in japan. i better get adsence and commisions running quick if i want to be able to afford one though :P (not posting a image link as i dont want to get more adsence copyright shenanigins :/ )

and that is it for tonight :D

sadly my hobbying has slowed due to far too many videogames and far too little time. and movies. id recomend se7en, fecked up beyond belife but really good!



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