fuzzbukets guide to spec-ops bolters!

Monday, 23 July 2012

as you may have noticed in my most recent post, and in the box down there (under the blog roll)  that some of my space marines have a rather nifty bolter modification!

this is quite simple so heres how its done :D

like this chap :P (ive decided how ill paint him! its going to be the same marine as below but hes serving in the DW! ^__^
bits needed!
- some plasticard tubing (slightly thicker than the bolters barrel)
- a bolter
- a autocannon magazine (pic here )

1) cut the 'bullets' off the magazine so you only have 2 plastic semicircles !
2) glue them together! (to make a circle!)
3)sand it down so the front and back are smooth (and fill with milliput/gs if need be)
4) shave a little off the top so its like this
for some reason thats a really big pic but i digress.
5) cut off the magazine of the bolter
6) glue the new drum mag in.
7) cut off a section of plasticard tubing (really the length is up to you)
8)glue that to the front of the gun.
9) ???
10) PAINT :D (or get some amazingly cheap commision painter to paint it for you HINT HINT)
wow thats 2 years old?! i feel old :/
and thats it ! 


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