champion WIP's (imperial fists!)

Friday, 3 August 2012

 hello :D

tonights post is some more wips, namley a powersword some kneepads and a little freehand (checques and a little 7 as well as starting to fix the banner but thats not shown)

i like painting cheqs i like reciveing cheques, is this related? probably not. have i re-applied for adsence ? yes. does this affect you? possibly with ads and possibly competitions. am i confused over copyright law? very. 

*jeremy clarckson voice* POWAH BLAHDE (yes we all love TG)

reverse. im really chuffed with the blends on this!

and thats it, oh and big shoutout to imperius dominatus as i am again in their weekly top10. (and yet again mercers posting wips and not final projects :P but hey im not complaining i like my stats.... my preciousssssssssssss stats)



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