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Monday, 13 August 2012


tonights post covers 2 things: firstly it is going to show my attempts at airbrushing AND some tips for beginers!
then ill have a little rant :P

learning to blend and stuff!

i drybrushed the highlights, is that cheating?
and some tips:
1) its like holding a paintbrush but from really far away. remember those novelty pencils that were super long? like that but half is invisible
2) practice: like really its soo diffrent to painting with a brush! find some cardboard and just play about with it!
3) NO BLACK basecoat AT ALL. well i tried it on some black sugar paper and it was just black! unlike with regular paint you HAVE to  blend from light to dark (even though with painting i normaly paint dark to light!)
4)you need to mask! like really you made that face perfect? bad its not blue cause you accidently sprayed the shoulder without masking the face!
for this as its 2d i used some artist ink. then accidently used black stamp ink. well taking the airbrush apart, submerging it in boiling water then spending a hour cleaning it was fun. *

* not really and  i burnt my hand :/

and i accidently got into a argument with a reddit mod. who happend to be a d*ck. who happend to belive that age is everything and that i shouldnt be listened to. 

oh well the whole thing got posted to a BOLS lounge artical, which subsequently got me more hate(from 1 guy, the rest of BOLS is really nice ^_^ ). but thankfully eldargal and TDA got rid of the troll, and the thread got closed.

oh well now i have 'haters' so i can make songs about the 'haters' and tumblr and stuff like that.  i think.

oh well! thats it! 
 also im trying to put ads on. 
"but fuzzw i dont like ads"
well i like money :P so if you dont want ads make me paint things! 

p.s. i was going to change the font but as it annoys so many people i may keep it? thoughts.
p.p.s. one of the 2 c*nts problems was my spelling. its legible and if a few misplaced letters annoy you, ehm.... i dont know become my secratery or something!
p.p.s. bols thread http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/showthread.php?t=23975 thanks to TDA and eldargal and all the nice people there.


Master Bryss said...

Oh grief... I hope you don't mean to write hip-hop songs. Me and 'Scape's debut album "Look At All This Money We Get Everyone Hates Us" crashed and burned horribly. On account of being fictitious.

Hey, you finally got ads to work, good for you. Let me know how it works out a few months down the line so I can wonder whether it's worth me doing the same.

Oh, and as for spelling, you've improved an awful lot in the last year or so. Sometimes you forget the odd letter or proper paragraphing, but meh. Just don't ask me to correct it for you. :)

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :D i was going to release a single with 'got moar bling than the god emperor' 'i took your girlfriend to the black ships' ' and 'burnin heretics like a blunt with a blunt' :P

and yeah adsence is dodgy :/ can you see ads? last time i tried to add them i got copyright infringment then this time ive not got a conformation email :/

and thanks :D


Fuzzbuket said...

"I hope you don't mean to write hip-hop songs. Me and 'Scape's debut album "Look At All This Money We Get Everyone Hates Us" crashed and burned horribly. On account of being fictitious."

is now quote of the year

Master Bryss said...

I see things telling me to download Google Chrome, visit Canada, etc., so I'm assuming it's working.

Yeah, other tracks included 'Gangsta' Rap In Da Common Room', 'A Dead Woman Gave Me A Bursary' and a cover of 'Toy Soldiers' but with all the verses replaced with me death-growling the blurb on the back of the Necron Codex. All based on things that have actually happened, as hip-hop usually is.

Fuzzbuket said...

well yesterday i made 2p :p so ill be as rich as bill gates in eh, 1,900,000,000 days :P (ill see if i can increase traffic or something like that, or just add MOAR ADS!)

dont worry when im the worlds first gajillionare ill fund your gansta-rapping exploits ^__^

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