warp spiders done! :D

Monday, 16 July 2012

Hi :D
i have made a startling discovery: warp spiders are ridicuoulsy unphotogenic :P (aka i cant photograph dark blends!) 

these were painted to TT quality and are for my eldar army
exarch! (was displayed in GW glasgow for a while for 3rd place in the youngbloods for mini-games day)(thanks to the nice chaps who le

action shot.

exarch of swagtasticness

flags, i tried to have some simple designs as opposed to something more realistic

unphotogenic glowy stone


seriously though, dark colours with light blends do NOT Photograph well

bad photo of the blends, but it shows the idea


im really fond of my new way of doing gold metallics, which invlolves blending the metal from black

and all the cobwebs :D possibly the funnests thing about these models!

and yeah sorry about the crappy photos :P, the big robot should be almost finished soon! (eh ill need to do a leg, 2 feet and a carpton of sanding and details!)


EDIT: holy sh*t, i decided to show the nice chaps at reddit and the views for this post doubles (864 views atm, and 442 of them are from reddit!) thanks a lot guys/girls from r/warhammer! :D and a special thankyou to my loyal readers who come here anyway!


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