robot scratchbuild: handcannon

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hi  :D
title says it :P ive been working on the giant robot some more and have recently finished his 2nd weapon, a brilliantly large and exagurated handcannon :P how large eh? lets say this was originaly meant for a termi/dreadnought size model (this is still VERY WIP, wonky angles galore!)

yes the underslung GL/autocannon ammo needs a lot of work

and the side panels too

top detail, im really considering putting in a scope or iron sights

fits into the hand perfectly. yes im terrible with scale (original scullpt meant to be termi or dreadnought size. see warlocks for scale refrence :P)

well thats it for tonight! ive finialy finished the warp spiders AND have started on the robots legs (which are impossible! i love reverse joints but itd look weird but normal legs look too slender, so ive made some superheavy thich legs, make it look like a midget :P. sadly i cant use my regular 2mm tubing for it as its too small! ill probably bundle up a TON of tubes and work from there)



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