new army project!

Friday, 20 July 2012

damn it fuzz.

im standing there in GW glasgow thinking 'id really like to start a new army, how about orks? they are fun to paint! or eldar ive got a few squads already! or tau as i like battlesuits!, feck even necrons and give my tomb spyder some  robot zombie freinds!'

walk out the store with a new kit , start painting and...

the arm, chest and head are done. the rest is very WIP

i decided to use silver metalics instead of gold to stand out more (the gold would just merge with the yellow) 
white fist because a black one would be invisible on the dark banner

spending aged blending bits that are hidden by the backpack!

im fond of these blends

and these. so how big is the sword, as its a GKT sword

big enough :P

really though i like space marines and would love to do a 'traditional marine army' (im thinking 30 ish tacticals, 2 rhinos a LR, some assaults? in a razorback? and some termies! and a thunderfire cause i like them!)

and thats it for tonight!



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