the rest of the IF command squad (unpainted)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hi :D

recently ive not been painting as much due to purchasing the witcher 2 and getting engrossed in a multitude of crashes, which leads to me messing with the computers internal files
having fun in a deep and realistic fantasy world

deathwatch marine, will be painted in deathwatch colours. possibly not a IF but a diffrent marine chapter, and weilding the fuzz pattern stealth bolter (tutorial soon)


the 'normal member' of the squad. just a basic marine with a melta and banner

theres also a great big banner dude but i forgot to take a photo *derp*

and thats it!

well if you have the witcher 2 for PC and have fixed any crashes without spending a £100 on a new OS let me know in the comments :P

and eh thats it! 
feel free to comment!


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