skyrim 40,000. (pt.3 space wolf science, power armour and tunnels)

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hi :D 
we last left our noble, dimwitted and very confused hero as he embarked on the initiation into the stormcloaks: to defeeat a deamonic ice deamon
as he poses with his first weapon outside the hamlet of windhelm: everyones faveroit racist, xenophopic,dark and depressing city!
as he bravley fights the ice daemon ivar wears the ceremonical space wolf uniform and weilds the ceremonial  space wolf weapons :P

As a reward for punching the daemon in the face ivar recives his second weapon: a nordic close combate axe (unknown to him, axes are now terrible and worthless but anyways, he is now off to his first fight with his human wolfpack

on the way he discovers a fasinating type of living fauna, he does the most scientific thing a space wolf can do: SHOOT IT IN THE FACE.

arriving with his wolfpack he does a lot of exploring of a ancinet burial chamber.

lots of tunnels, not many things to squish, this makes him sad.

at the end of the many tunnels ivar discovers a wall, that glows and chants as he goes near, he shoots it but that dossnt work, so he RUNS AWAY REALLY QUICKLY.

Now ivar has returned and  persuades the head of the stormcloaks to wreak terrible vengance on whiterun: city of HERITICS AND PSYKERS. Donning full wolf armour (thats super buggy!) he prepares to charge into the fray and murder all who oppose the emeprors WRATH.

and thats it for tonight :D



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