skyrim 40,000 part 4, the righeous burning of whiterun (and OHSHITIVEMESSEDITUP)

Monday, 2 July 2012

hi tonights instalment of skyrim 40,00 may be the last (ill expand on that later)

we left our probably-retarded-but-does-it-all-for-THE-EMPERA hero at the scence of the begining of the battle for whiterun, in which he can exact his revenge on the PATHETIC PSKYER SKUM

and with thy axe i shall smite thee. and thee. and thee, and the rest of you.

ivar is still confused about why the imperial guard couldnt drop in a basalisk or two or even a flipping russ tank.

like really guis a rhino could take that city.

for some bizzare reason all of the stormcloaks start shooting  my thunderwolf?! (yes ivar is not very good at telling diffrences!)

after a furious charge into the city whilst mounted on the back of a thunderwolf ivar smashes the gates and slaughters the oblivious guardsmen. who arnt fleeing at the sight of THE EMPERORS MANIFEST WILL
howver busy the life of a space wolf may be there is ALWAYS time for a glamour shot.

inside the gates ivar continues on foot, and shooting enemies from afar with his bolt pistol. medival armour is no match for depleted admintanium.

After destroying the guards ivar continues on

to kill more guards

and smashes down the doors of the dragonsreach palace!

the pathetic jarl surrenders, however some unseen force removes my weapons and I am unable to strike his witch down! MADNESS

even though i am unarmed he submits to the emperors will.

and the stormcloaks surrender to scruffy's will too,
And across the land everyone is cheering for IVAR, KILLER OF WITCHES.

sadly my hands are still tied and he may not be able to continue!

are you enjoying this? would you like me to continue or should i skip back to regular hobbying? and does anyone know of a way to fix this? spamming setstage commands isnt good for the game i fear :P

So comment with your views, opinions and ideas! I value all your comments!

p.s. i went to see abraham lincon vampire hunter today! BRILLIANT FILM, id highly recommend it!, i also bought dune and eishenorn, anyone want that reviewed?


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