skyrim 40,000 PART2: bolter and fetchquest (also BURN THE WITCH)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

we left our brave hero as he was picking flowers and punching the local animal population to death.
As we left Ivar he was begining to walk to a small town in the distance (whiterun), on my way there i spot a group of 5 dashing 'imperials' 
look if you point a sword at A instrument of the emperors divine will your going to have a bad time. so after going and punching these poor sod's to death ivar decides to go to whiterun on a shopping spree. and spends all 16 gold on a snazzy blue robe, adopting the culture of the local world as much as he can to blend in (well, blend in as much as a chap thats 1.5x the hight can) 

whiterun was rather boring and so ivar decideds to take a stroll towards a small tower, on the way he sees a giant, clearly this is some mutated XENO FILTH and  promplty does the most gentalmanlt and space wolfish thing.

which is of course punching it in the face 

sadly space wolves arnt the cleverest of chappies and soon ivar finds himself punching the giant, then  tacticaly retreating (running away, IN CIRCLES) and then punching the giant again.and agin. and again. then the giant died and ivar, in gentelmanly fashion cuts off its toes.

continueing further on Ivar finds 2 skeletons, thinking that they were servo skulls he runs up to them. these foul necromanced skeletons soon attack ivar and he uses his  his fists of (the emperors) fury to pummel them into the emeprors light.

it would appear that the skeletons were counjured by a vile necromancer 0_0  Ivar decides to inform the local king or jarl of this outrage!

the jarl is obviouly oblivious that ivar, a 12 foot marine is casualy owning the place, anyways ivar attempts to inform the jarl of this, but the incompetent jarl only tries  to give me a fech quest but first directs me towards the 'court wizard'  or as ivar titles him "


sadly the jarl  dosnt take kindly to having his wizard punched in the face, and soon the whole guard force of whiterun is chasing after the most cowardly space wolf who is 'tactically tactically retreating' (aka running away, very fast!) Ivar decided to visit the city of windhelm, home to the stormcloaks: xenophobes, racists, worhipers of a emperor/warrior who acended to godhood (talos) :

just ivars sort of people!

it was a largley uneventful trip, apart from running into a orc, who was swiftly punched to death!

 aahh though ivar 'this is a proper city' nice thick walls: lights and general gloomieness!

as ivar walks though the front gate he spots 2 humans being xenophobic, terrific :D 

the the jarl of this city is much better, wolfshin cloak, fine beard: and not a rouge psyker in sight!

and his general (who enlists me in the stormcloaks) is wearing the pelts of  a bear, he would make a fine wolfscout. he asks me to hunt down a ice-daemon that has been sighted on i island, perfect timing as ivar had run out of things to kill.
On the way out of the city ivar finaly collects and equips a sacred marine weapon, and this bolt pistol shall slay many a foeman and xenomorph!

thats it for tonight! tomorrow ivar punches more thing, cuts things and goes off to war!


actual hobby progress has slowed due to the need of a new brush and knife. hopefully on monday ill get these and finish off the mech and warp spiders!


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