Lets play: skyrim 40,000 (pt.1 a strange land)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

hi :D

this is a new segment that will probably run sporadically for most of the summer. it is a tale of how a slighlty confused space wolf ended up lost on some backwater planet, far from the emperors light in a land called skyrim.

now beafor we start i am playing with some ruels to make it more fun :D
1) perma-death when the marine dies so do I
2) bolt pistols+chainswords available at level 5, power armour+ mounts at 10, power weapons+plasma pistols  at 15 and specailst kit at 20
3) I AM A SPACE MARINE so no blashphemous majiks (shouts included)
4) I AM THE EMPERORS WILL , no backing out a fight, and if i see anything that goes against his will it MUST die.
5)THE EMPEROR PROVIDES, no looting corpses, for equipment i must kill animals/ mine ingots
6) THE ARMOUR OF RIGHTEOUSNESS: steel, leather, clothes and power armour are allowed. steel,skyforge,elven and marine weapons only.
7) BURN THE WITCH. if it uses magic it gets killed (note to self stay away from winterhold :P)
8) if weird stuff happens i may edit it out (e.g. i was approached by a naked courier asking me to go to markarth: ignored)

this is the new initiate, aka me (note the smexy wolf tatoo on the cheek)
I wake in a primitive APC of some descripriotion in this backwater world, which has sadly avoided the emperors blessed light some blashphemous reason I am then taken to a execution block..

these blashphemeous imperials are trying to execute a instrument of the emperors divine will?! THIS SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED, Oh wait whats that flying past the hill!?

A chaos daemon?! WHAT HERESY IS THIS


however i cant do that at the time so i go for a quick stroll inside this ruined bastion.

Some Intruders attempt to attack me. their primitive weapons are no match for my genetically enginered fists

some Mutated spiders attack me, i share the emperors wisdom with them, that wisdom being MY FIST OF RIGHTGEOUS FURY

I find a Bear, Its pelt will surley make a Cloak to adorn my imperial shoulders

I step out of the caves and into the Sunlight, this planet has obviously been avoided by the glourious adeptus mechanicus! see that sky? the herectical blue colour is disdanful and a insult to my brother techmarines.

Continueing Down the path i find a trio of ancient burial stones at which the locals pray to for divine powers. BY the fang i shall never use such a herectical device!

I encounter a small holdfast known as 'riveawuud' This village is undefended and bears no significance. it shall be ignored for now, Upon My return to fenris i shall arrange for a chaplin to spread the emeprors light in this god-forsaken land.
Like a True (space) Wolf I Hunt down my prey to make a pair of gauntlets, to  sheild me from the horrors of the warp

Upon leaving riveawuud i See a small town, and what appears to be a minature spire: these backwater barbarians are clearly imatating the mechanicus's divine constructions.

Thanks for reading :D The adventures shall continue tomorrow: in which i begin my quests!

comments are appreciated ! :)


p.s. +- 150 mods are being used on this so if it appears diffrent to your skyrim thats normal :)


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