warp spiders! (almost done :D)

Monday, 9 April 2012


wow these things paint quickly!  for the armour im trying to have a high contrast white and dark blue armour with neon blue edgeing, sadly the test mini isnt perfect but ill be painting a lot over the next few days, making the neon more neon (i think ill add a touch of turquoise?) and the dark blue more noticable! :D

however these chaps shouldnt take more than a day or 2 to finish! the reason there not ALL done is this
ACV (armoured core 5) of which i will be doing a review of :D my little mech isnt quite like that one in the pic,  mine is bright yellow! has a personal intrests :  flykicking the flip out of things and getting shot at.   

however all this time on the PS3 has taught me a valuable lesson! if you have a problem: flykicks and chainguns will fix ALL your problems!

anyways back to warhammers!

warpy-spider, warpy-spider does what ever a warpy-spider does! can he swing from a web? no he cant because hes a pig no he wont cause he'll teleportSHAZAM hes behinf you!

ignore the red leg, instead focus on that GK base in the background :D

so yeah thats it for tonight! 

 and the autarch is done! just waiting to take decent photos!


also if you live in britan brazil is on film 4 in a min or 2 go watch it! its a great film and will appeal to any warhammer fan!


s.kierdzik said...

You should dilute your paints a bit more.

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou for the advice!


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