Warp spiders: freehand test!

Friday, 6 April 2012

testing for the good of all (except the ones who are dead)
you do it, i do it, we do it. for science. you monster

now back onto painting the test i was doing was not a apature science hand-held portal device OR a thermal discoragement beam but a freehand test for my warp spiders :D

so onto the pic!

ill do a tutorial on it in a few days but firstly a idea (related to  the portal universe)

dont these 2 look a quite simmilar?!

and for that reason im going to try to recreate the gravity gun effect on the spinners! (and possibly slip in a labanda/ black mesa symbol or 2 :D)  


p.s. i tried to use blogger for android but it didnt work! does anyyone else use blogger for andraoid?


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