RED autarch DONE :D

Thursday, 12 April 2012

yep the title says it all, hes done! now i know your all yelling 'pics or it didnt happen' at your screens now so i have the pics too ! :D

i really like the red. IRL its much smoother! :D

see that blurryness, thats painted on with a super special technique ............... okay its a dogy camera :P

having fun there mr.ork?

blame the panda on bryss :P

the real slim shady sword

so thats him :D my next project is a tau battlesuit for the local GW's hero competition! .... how many weapons can battlesuits have anyway? (taunoob is i) ive given it a chaingun? and a missle pod as well as a small (cosmetic) knee shield!



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