Tau battlesuit

Friday, 13 April 2012


tonights wip is of a tau battle suit, just the unpainted version (minus a few details) and the power core at the back which was tremendously fun to paint!
not the missle launcher in the next pic (also see the exteended plasma rifle? that was going to be his weapon and  it was going to be shoulder mounted with a bipod and rear stabalisers, but it didnt work so i have a chaingun instead!)

i plan for some OSL around the engines
so thats it! ive got a drone painted in a classy green/ bone colour and that looks really cool! the only problem is i cant seem to achive the same blend on a small armour plate and a large drone..... so i need really steady hands ! :D


p.s. should i post up a link to my twitter (wich is warhammer devoid) or make a seperate 40k twitter or just not bother (the FB page only has 3 likes....)

p.p.s. removed the top photo, didnt mean for it to be there


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