Justicar Thawn:done!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

so what was the model that was a result of mondays painting marathon post?!

a converted justicar thawn :) 
im really pleased with this model and like how the SM head fits in, originally it was meant to be a half GK head similar to the 2 charecters ive done (see up on the top of the page) but then it messed up :( so, not wanting to use a paladin head i used this blood angel head and i must say it fits quite nicely :)
also the legs and stormbloter arm are metal, just so there more detailed! (the plastic GK legs are horrible!)

and the colour scheme is inspired by john blances GK out of the 3rd ed GK codex!

(onto the pics!)

this model was also a first time for me to try shading with colours rather than black! the photos may not show it well but  the shadows are purple from a mordian blue:blood red mix! i also ran out of purple wash so i experimented with red washes on gold to tie the model together and it worked rather nicely!  

also the eye is drawn to the head, gems and spear because on a dark red mini the whit/green points stand out!



Ron Saikowski said...

It's a little tough to tell from the pics, but I'm just excited to hear you shaded him with something other than black. Great job!

Ron, FTW

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou :)
Ive just started shading with colors other than black and its turning out nicely!


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