REVIEW: warhammer 40,000 aniversery mini.

Friday, 2 March 2012


tonight's post is a review of  the 40k 25th anniversary mini!

drive me closer so i can hit them with my head, no my other head!
and before you ask , yes i was one of those sad gits who cued outside  GW before it opened , i got a fancy pin for doing so :D so onto the review!
its one of those flip out boxes :D

at £20 for a single mini the price may initially seem quite steep, and it is: for that price  you could get a whole squad! however a finecast terminator (which is smaller) is £18 combined with the quality and limited factors compared to other GW minis it is worth the price! (but it still is a tad pricey)

the aforementioned pistol of dubious origins
Design: straight from the cover art of RT this mini captures the essence of the painting beautifully, and is  of  beautiful sculpting as well! the only annoying things were the position of one of the sprues: obscuring detail on the orks neck and the pistol. the pistol can be taken many ways: whilst not being of the same design of the original art, instead it is the newer plamsa pistol design, meaning that if this model was to find its way into a gaming army it would be rules legal!

the banner: note the detail and slightly warped pole

the quality of this mini id say is the best finecast experience ive had so far! most likely because GW didn't want so send out replacements of a limited mini the amount of flaws in this model was incredibly minimal! the only ones i noticed  were some INCREDIBLY tiny air bubbles, some tiny mold lines a a small bit of flash on the shoulder: overall the mini only took 2 mins to prepare unlike the  other finecast minis i have worked with.
the amazing box!


A moderately expensive mini but if your willing to shell out the cash on it you will NOT be disappointed!
frankly the only improvement would e that if they included a plinth :P


how am i meant to paint the back of the neck if there was a sprue there ?!

(ill paint it up soon!) (but ive got some elfdars to paint first!)


Angelic Despot said...

Interesting. I've been hoping to see some reviews. I bought one but mine's missing his colar and his backpack has got multiple holes in it. I'm waiting to hear back from customer service to see if they can replace it. This is my first finecast buy, too.

Fuzzbuket said...

that must be really annoying :( i know from a previous finecast that the wee collar plates are amoung the hardest bits to fix! hopefully GW will send you a replacement soon!

thanks for commenting


Angelic Despot said...

Update: They cast up a new sprue for me. There's now quite a lot of clean-up to do, but the miniature itself is fine now. So, I still haven't become a convert to finecast, but thumbs up to customer service once again.

Fuzzbuket said...

woo thats great news :D

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