how to: painting marathon!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

 on thursday afternoon i discovered my local GW was running a painting contest** for the 25th sadly i had no entry made:

so i did what i did for the GD (which i didnt even get 1st cut :L)
a painting marathon!
so this was for 1 high quality mini in 2 days: you probably could do a squad too ?
drinks (NOT caffine/ energy/ very sugary: solely because youll get really shaky hands! mountain dew is a exception but here i have  fizzy water, elderflower and a TON of diluting juice with lemon juice, so sour itll keep me awake!)
paints and a model
music ( i had a large assortment of dubstep/dance to keep me awake, im sure lots of music will work too!)
so how do you do it?
step 1)  paint a test section: teach yourself how to do a part of the model so you can relax and let yourself get into the rhythm of painting: its not good to fret about new coulors when your half asleep!
step 2)  plug music in : eat a biscuit: start painting!
step 3) when your fatigued/ shaking badly (i have terribly shaky hands) or the models is covered in wet paint and sit  back and listen to music until you can paint again!
step 4) repeat steps 2 and 3 until the model is done!

the teaser shot of the finished mini! ill put the good photos up soon!

so have any of you lot done a painting marathon? any tips for others, or praise for me in all my amazing-ness!


** I won 3rd place in the squad category!  and the 25th anniversary was a blast: amusingly someone brought in some 2nd ed blisters (unopened) and the manager displayed them in the cabinet: after peeling off the £1 price tag :P hehe, and it was great to see minis a decade older than me :D


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