a painting curiosity: new blending techneique discovered by acident :P (and its super easy!)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


just quickly before you all rage at me, this  is a new technique to me: if you have been doing it for ages good for you :)

the technique is for the smooth turquoise on the wings
so how to do it?

1) basecoat the wings regal blue (let it dry)
2) make a VERY thin wash/glaze of hawk turquoise, thick enough to still have some oigment but thin enough not to pool (take a little practice)
3) apply a layer of this mix, and hold it under a lamp (to speed up druing time) for about 5 secs: the coat should be dry
4) do the same as above but with a  maginaly smaller (aka like 0.01mm smaller) 
5) repeat until it is a smooth blend until the turquoise is a solid colour.

and thanks to the quick drying time for 1 side of the wing it took me about 5 mins :D


P.S. fixed the title, as its not a new thing, just a new way of doing things :)


Anonymous said...

This is called blending if you want to look into it further and get some more tips.

Fuzzbuket said...

yes i know about blending, however the trick with this is whilst most colour blends involve mixing colours: this on the other hand is SOLEY using a single very thin colour, so whilst it is blending it is not the traditional method of blending.

Anonymous said...

If you looked in to bleding as I suggested, you'd know that this is pretty standard, instead you played defensive and changed the blog post title, such a child.

Ron Saikowski said...

Thanks for sharing. For some folks who can be put off by blending as it were with two colors at the same time, the idea of thinning one and adding repeated layers until you build up the new color might not be as intimidating. Some folks call this glazing I think.

Either way, it works for you and gets a nice effect in the end.
Nice stuff.
Ron, From the Warp

Fuzzbuket said...

interestingly i have read pretty much every blending article i have ever come across, as i always desire to improve my painting, and in the Many articles I have read the only similar techniques i have seen are a post from massive voodoo about tinting, from painting mum about monochrome -> colored with glazes and from a new Zealand website about using glazes to color metallic armor.

so far i have not read a single article about using glazes for 1 color blending, note that how the base color is not mixed in with the highlight color at any point.

also i changed the title as so that people such as yourself would not be confused, the main article is unchanged (par the PS)


p.s. insulting people over the internet is often a very bad idea.

Master Bryss said...

And this is exactly why I dislike anonymous commenting. It actively encourages this stuff.

Fuzzbuket said...

yep your right it is glazing! its just a new way to use it!

also your comment got flagged as spam?! , but its now fixed!


Fuzzbuket said...

ill wait till the end of febuary, as whilst this particalr chap isnt the nicest some of the anons are alright.


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