eldar autarch WIP (almost done now :D!)

Sunday, 29 January 2012


tonight's WIP is of the eldar autarch! now the trend for eldar nowadays is either a limited palate or darker colors:
FECK That i say! eldar should be rainbows! so here is another WIP of rainbow autarch!

the gold,gems, base and cape pattern need re-done but the rest is finished :D


the gold dosnt 'pop' as much as id like it but sadly the gems on the shield pevent better blends :(    
do you think i should line it with mithril sliver or leave it as it is?

so thats it for tonight :)  any comments?  p.s. has anyone seen the new 'dancing ' lotr casualties? there horrible! but i will be pickling up a 25th edition 40k mini :D


 sadly due to a certain member of my family being 'technalogicaly challenged'* i now have a broken camera cable and USB port :( so either ill start using my phone camera (shaky and muted) or ill see if i can plug the cameras SD card in?'


Ron Saikowski said...

I'm guilty of the dark and muted scheme myself.
Ron, From the Warp

Fuzzbuket said...

0_0 SOMEONE CALL THE INTERNET POLICE! QUICK YOU NEED MOAR RAINBOWWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one¬!!!!!!1!!!!!!

seriously though ron, your painting's soo good that you can do them in any colours :P


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