Wednesday, 1 February 2012

woot it is red panda wednsesday! that day of the week when i blatantly nick images off google then get higher up  the image page than the original image :D (lol i work hard)

anyways heres this weeks dose of red panananananananadas!

oh hai!

imma tired lets stick on some choons (scottish: english translation would be:
" music of a profoundly good quality, so much so that it must be blasted out the back of my phone in the middle of the most crowded group of people i can find")

*finding choons (which is also a sort of cough sweet)*
well as this is the segment where ANYTHING goes (but not some of those house of paincakes things,......... ewwwww :P )

so some #choons for your evenings

-anthemic - magnetic man (ft P money or the original, both are good!)
-breaking a  sweat - skrillex
-bloodtrail - true tiger
-earthquake (benny bennassi  remix) - labarithn 
-superbad - fluz pavilion and doctor P
- titanium (ft sia) - david guetta
- when i was a youngster - rizzle kicks (EVERYONE LIKES THIS :D seriously a really happy tune!)
- maximal crazy - tiesto

hope you have a nice evening :)



Master Bryss said...

Oh noes! Someone's cottoned on to your devious plan and is trying to stop you! Even if thanks to the power of screencap all his efforts to stop 'freeloaders' are in vain. Mwahahaha! (twirls 'stache)

Fuzzbuket said...

screencaps, my dear sir how hard do you think i work!? i owe my internt sucess to this button as 'image from URL'


it seems like someone was pandering against my needs

*puts on monocle*



Anonymous said...
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Fuzzbuket said...

no my dear freind you are a homosexual

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