new year: new project :) (eldar autarch!)

Friday, 6 January 2012

hi :)

as it is the new year im going to do a new little project, now that my GK are finished (1750pts)* and i love me some elfdars so thats what im painting atm: specifically a pair of autarchs, some random minis and some warp spiders :)
so heres the finecast autarch.
not fun-_- 
problem list: odd shoulders, squinty wings, lots of bubbles under the cloak, facial deformity (some off the grill lines blend into each other!)

not as bad as some peoples experiance though!
so heres the mini


old cape. tried a pattern, failed miserably, couldnt do freehand.

got out GW's EXCELLENT masterclass book!

TA-DA! not as nice as the eavy metal one but im well pleased with it :)

*okay im lazy and can find the right colour for the libbys arm so hes on pause, and the mordak is..... sorta started :P and the ghost knights are built and the LR is ........................... *whistles*


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Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou :) i really like your blog too, those walkers are fantastic!

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