pre heresy terminator medic: done, good quality photos!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


today's post is  the photo gallery of the PHDGTM (pre heresy death gurad terminator medic). painting and blogging about this mini taught me 3 things
-how to 'chip' models
- how to do basic OSL
- that i probably should do minis with smaller names :L

so well , here are the photos!
note that the whole body is scratchbuilt, the gasmask is too and the rest is from GK terminators, a classic bolt pistol and a valkire side weapon housing!

sorry about the gap near the grean line: it broke in transport and hasnt been fixed yet also not the cross hatching on the mask



4 medic company

yep i got this problem a lot with my GKT its the bad casts/moulds: really the metal ones were better

im pleased with how this turned out

better photo of the cross hatching and osl on the scanners


a omnious shadow!


playing with the light sources

yep the chest has taken a wee bit of damage :L

note the insignia on the chest!

face again!

i hope you like him :) it was a very fun project and im quite pleased with the 'gritty' style: it also is easier to paint: requireing less complex blends!



Phil said...

Everything about this is terrible, the photography, the painting but especially the converting. Your model is bad and you should feel bad.

Anonymous said...

you do need a better light source when taking pics :)

even a small desk lamp with an incandescent bulb shining from above would help ;)

Master Bryss said...

What time did you take the photo? I've found broad daylight and large windows an adequate solution.

I would have made both shoulders identical, but that's me.

I really like the medieval plague doctor mask.

I'd ignore the self-esteem-lowering first comment. You're clearly evolving as a painter and you're still miles better than I am.

Fuzzbuket said...


@phil i love you too, seriously if you have Constructive criticism please say however if you comment in such a troll like fashion again it will be deleted

okay :) sadly im in scotland and its winter: the only decent light source was the medicore daylight and a high powered torch: ill try to get some nicer snaps though!

i took the photo at about 12: however as you may know ATM in scotland the light aint too good :L

and thanks for the advice: the shoulders are actually identical: its just that they are at diffrent angles: (one arm is lowered the other raised) ill get nicer photos if i can.

thanks to all who commented APART from phil


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