eldar: craftworld hunter.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

hi :)

amoung the eldar of the biel-tan craftworld many aspire to join the aspect of the scorpian. one of the many harsh initiation rituials is the trial of the wilderness. in this the aspirant is dropped onto a hostile xenos planet: with only a scorpian chainsword and a hunting spear and is expected to survive till the next passing of the craftworld: 1 year, in this period the aspirant is required to track down and kill the largest and most deadly xeno bread on the planet.

tonight is a quick WIP of a fun mini im still doing: and whilst progress has halted atm because of some rainbow eldar theis chap isnt forgotton!

as he was built when i was bored he is a bit of a mash up of parts.

im really annoyed at the brown: i think it killed the effect :(

VERY WIP helmet: the rusty metal is done but the lines need tidying!

well thats it for tonight! :) 




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