FORGE WORLD RELEASES canoptyic scarab swarms!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

it in the title really

heres the link

in not sure if i like them , on one hand they are cute and new and keep the crons design asthetic  and mini destroyer wings! howerver i did like the old scarabs and they looked much more alien, unlike these ones. the poses are really good though! 

p.s.  FW releasing GW kits? now where is mah thunderwolf! 


Marsekay said...

I think i prefer these to the GW ones myself, good to see Neck heads getting love from Fw also.

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Fuzzbuket said...

thanks! :)


Master Bryss said...

They kind of remind me of Epic scale Spyders. Although I've had enough of the silly think support sticks, so I won't be getting any.

Fuzzbuket said...

yeah from forgeworld i would have expected some flying stands?

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