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Monday, 7 November 2011

as you all know  know necrons emerged from the tomb worlds on saturday quite unlike their previous resserections. with the c'tan  now slaves and everything having 'canoptek' in front of it!

so what do  i think?

fluff: whilst there is the inevitable WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRDDDDDDDD moments it does seem to be a move in the right direction, as it is now tomb kings in spaaaace' instead of ' terminator in spppppaaaaace'

ruels: from everything online it seems that they are unique and rather diffrent to the normal, with quite a few  diffrent and exiceting new things as well as hints for 6th ed. (and no MEQ yay!)

this is where its all at , with even the worst  minis in the range: the flayed ones being miles better than the old line! and the best minis: overlords, triarch, gunboats! are mindblowing!

and those deathmarks ..... WOOOOOOOAAAAAH those are awsome!

and just to see!

meh. but alright
so there ya go!


(i may go more in depth later!)


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