cool links friday !

Friday, 4 November 2011

 hi i just remebered i forgot about cool links friday, so here it is! :D a collection of all things geeky, warhammery or just amusing :)

 --counterfett is doing his list of the top 30 sci-fi tanks, including a ton of lesser known ones:

--a really cool samuri painting:!

more arfter the jump!

--college humors top 25 halloween costumes

-- this blog called 'tears of envy' a very intresting read covers 40k painting, photography and a ton of other  stuff :)

-- a feature on tears of envy about some new john blance work!

--kallamity have realeased a book on mech design, very interewsting

--BOLS has the lowdown on the new space marine DLC

--  inquisitor lord aki has a feature on the best sm variant (ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME!)

--and a shout out to the chaos manifesto! hotpandas amazing blog :D

-- and i do the last few photos of my GK
scroll down :P (or go on the main page :D)

and thats it for this evening :)


p.s. did anyone else just watch have i got news for you, greg (the principal from the inbetweeners) was hillarious!


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