fuzzbukets super secret project: REVEALED!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

yep its revealed, the thing with more hype than battlefield, more trash talk than call of duty and  has been menioned about 3 times here it is!?


i plan to have each of the missles with the missle shooting out,,,, hopefully :L

now whilst you lot are all going WTF ill explain:

armoured core is a amazing videogame, and it has great minis for it too. sadly the model kits are a tad expensive , for shipping (japan to UK) . and on amazon they overcharge the prices.

so? ill build my own cant be that hard ? (not the main body and legs are started and its flip hard, right angles with plasticard is a nightmare !)

so more updates tonight/tommorrow!


p.s. anyone play ACFA online, its great fun :D


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