armoured core mech: rai-den! WIP

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

so back to the endless stream of WIPS agian :D

first off,  the possible 2nd mech : x- sobero, (they may go in a awsome diorama together!)

so what does it look like?

like a space chicken, thats what :D

initial core of rai-den 

VERY WIP legs/tank of rai-den.

as for the building itself sobero should be easy, as it is so thin just single plasticard strips then deatailed! for rai-den everything is quite blocky, so with some supplies and a new scalpel (old one broke!) ill make many boxes of plasticard which will be detailed!


p.s. i have finailly managed to get the hang of the 'chipped armour ' techinque thats all the rage these days, my termi-medic is looking smexy !


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