grey knights:all painted. all NMM

Thursday, 3 November 2011

hi :)

tonight the photos are of my FULLY NMM grey knights army:
1 banner bearer/ grand master
5 paladins
imperial saint (inquisitor)
assorted IG bodyguard (retinue)
and a GK dread (not NMM)  and vulture (not NMM)

this army can make a 100pts force easily and at a push can do 1500 pts
over the course of the army i learend to improve My nmm dramaticaly, re-learn freehand and power swords and improve my paiting in general :)

so here is the pics!

i hope you enjoy :) 

i dont think i will do another army and will soely focus on painting, that being said i love eldar, think orks are the funnest to paint and would like to re-create the tomb spyders scheme on a necron army!


p.s. i may also try out some epic, as id love to try a GIANt epic diorama!


Scrap Square said...

Your layers (and thus your transitions) look a little thick
IMO, I would try to water your paints down.

And I'd try for more layers instead of jumping straight to white.

Otherwise looks great.

Fuzzbuket said...

ill try to water my paints down a bit more :)


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