more (scratchbuilt) screamer (paint) WIPS

Thursday, 1 September 2011

hi :) 

tonights post is some slightly better wips of the sky shark!
i have re-done the belly but its prettey much done, all it needs is some minor details (spots/ cuts on the belly) and it'll be done. now as its a GD entry many of you will say: its not shiney enough! but with the diorama it'll be in it will be realistic :D 

the only way i could take photos as i have shakey hand-itis

the underwings are a slightly diffrent shade

as you can see the belly is creased and folded, this will be needing some shading! :D
well thats it


oh  and the worlds best painting tip: take 5 mins in the morning and just do 1 thing, ive been doing that over the past week and have almost finished a sky shark, scourge wings AND a grey knight :D


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