cool links friday :D

Friday, 2 September 2011

hi its cool links friday again :)

so what do we have here?

1) some funny easter eggs from deaus ex/ kotaku

2)  i love game of thrones. i dint like the TV series: stupid ned :P and heres a tumblr dedicated to silleh neds honour :P

3)the nutters at massive voodoo are still far too good at painting :P

4) and corvus too is a amazing painter! the skintone is wonderfully creepy :$

5) and crazy red pratiorans crazy awsome dreadknight!

6) and klaus has done some more cool conversions for another contest (his is the missle tank) in fact all the minis there are awsome :D

7) some dark eldar witches , ranting in E minor, possibly the best painted GAMING army out there!

8) a very yellow or gold daemon prince :P by the brush brothers

9) the SPESSSH MAHREEN DEMO! on ps3/xbox market place, and in steam via honour guard. (the space marine fourms) its amazing! go check it out!

10) forge worlds awsome boarding marine kit (still confused as why there is DE guns there???)

11) funniest BOLS thread for ages :P

12) jermey clarckson meets halo warthog :D :D :D :D :D GO CLARCKSONNN!!!!!!!!!!!

13) some nutter called fuzzbuket is trying some scheme that is basicly he paints for you and his payment is your old minis? interesting

14) dan abnett has a extract of his new ghosts book on his blog (scrololol down)

15) lamenter over at master of the forge  has done a rather cool grey knight conversion, its in his art-scale style and is really cool!

and his website is now re-done and looking awsome !

and thats this weeks links!

( and if you need a grey knight mordak mini or blood angels priest well /\/\/\/\/\ look up :P)



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