red panda wednesday # 4 normal panda edition :D

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

hi its red panda wednsesday because

a) its wednesday
b) its wednesday in britian so if your not using brittish time it may not be wednesday

and why is there not much red?
a) google images has a finite supply of red pandas
b) pandas are cute too :D

eff gordon ramsay: bamboo = delicious :D 

so you want some humorus but shameless self promotion all my little baby pandas ? :)
look at the top bar :)  now im going to sleeep
as you can here these 2 pandas are playing
'the fourth symhpony of do you want a mordak or priest for insainly  good prices' by paypal?

and what are these pandas drinking? why it is the finest champaign  because they didnt spend any money getting theit army commisioned, thanks to fuzzbukets new minis4minis scheme :D

right thats enough self promotion! if you have a spare land raider check out the 'deals' section up there >>  , think about it thats like a whole army painted for the price of a land raider!

good night :D


p.s.  top gear( the brittish sort) + halo =  WIN 

possibly the best sci-fi scout car: the world!


Master Bryss said...

Just you wait until I do my Clarkson review of the Sisters Codex... it should be a very thorough review indeed. Is it green?

Fuzzbuket said...

ooh i cant wait :)


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