space marine: the demo : the quick review

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


so yesterday the PC demo for space marine was released so i started downloading it, sadly my internet is *censored by the inquisiton* so It finished this arfternoon. then i started playing:

lots of this


-- playthrough--
it was fantastic and soooo diffrent to lots of other games. first thing i noticed was the enviroment, from the orks in the distance (that you could snipe for no reason whatsoever :P) to the gigantic mechanicus building it was amazing!  then it was the movement: standard WASD and dive barrel rolls , however you felt heavy and sluggish, not lag but like someone wearing a suit of concrete, but once you were used to it it felt just right.

then as i am a ACFA lover i noticed that the factory looked a lot like line ark :P
abiet with giant skullz 
combat was very, very different to what i was used to: instead of charging and then running for cover, or just hiding in cover it was a brutal gore fest! red* arterial blood sprayed out of orks and my armour now was a deep red, and my squad mates were now looking like blood angels. combat takes a bit of getting used to: there are 5 sorts of attack

being a shooty games player i first approached the situation via the traditional grenade launcher then bolter shoot-em up.  running for cover and running away from the pursuing orks: bad idea  i died very quickly. then i did it the proper way, with bolter and chainsword: running straight into the enemies , shooting my boltgun until they are in chainsword range, then curbstomp some poor ork and slice my chainsword through his belly.
its a frantic bloodbath of buttonmashing and is terribly fun :D  however i soon realise im out of health, sadly space marine does not believe in healthpacks or regen: hot to get health? unleash rage on orks or execute( finishing move) them.

sadly this is the first minor flaw, whilst getting a slo-mow of  captain titus decapitating a ork ,the other orks can shoot me, often with me dying just before i get the health boost (luckily the grot execute is super quick, so after a min  you see them as walking health packs :P) however this also stresses the importance of RAGE: rage is a bar at the side of the screen that fills up as you kill enemies , and when full can be activated.

whislt activated rage means you gain health from every enemy you slay and your shooting is in slow mo.

its very fun and after 30 mins of killing literally thousands of orks I reach the final stage of the first demo mission: I am in a giant hall waiting far a lift. however a massive balst door is blown open and waves of orks pour out, starting at grots and eventually into some shootas, boyz and a pair of nobz. after a exhuillarating fight (the nobz are almost impossible to kill)  the level finaily end with meeting some very English guardsmen :P
this was possibly the best section of the demo: showing that the game really shine shen all it is is you, some enemies and a big gun :P

the second level is the jump pack level.fairly straightforward however the packs work rather differently to the traditional sci-fi pack,  so instead of flying about with a fuel meter you have a quick burst that sends you rocketing forwards, then you can boost again to land with a huge chainsword swinging impact/.

now nowadays the main attraction is all about graphics, however with a lot of games i have realised that as long as you can see where you are going (KILLZONE :P)  they are a nice touch., so whilst they are not ground breaking, they are not horrible: and some of the indoor lighting is very good! but the best thing about the graphics is the constant 'warhammer' vibe, with everything from blance - esq servo skulls to the admech hymn from the 4rth ed ruels on giant banners :P


matters a LOT and this game its exceptional! the orks in particular have got a great sense of humor with parody lines and genearl rampant shouting that wouldnt be out of place in friday night in glasgow :P  and the weapons have a nice loud chrucnching sounds. (also the bolter makes a diffrent sound if the clip is almost empty which i think is a nice touch!)


controls: a bit clunky but conveyed the bulk of a marine however on a PC its painfully obvious that it was made for xbox: 6/10
gameplay: hard, but fun once youve gotten into it: 9/10
uniqueness: nothing else like it ATM, whilst it is often called a gears clone the gameplay is nothing alike: 10/10
graphics: a nice touch and some really cool stuff but nothing to shout about: 7/10
sound: good: 8/10
overall 8/10 : if you like warhammer and action games why not?

-fuzz :)


yes I have been painmting, no not very well :( im just sooo tired  I may start painting in the morning


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