golden demon : grey knight WIP 1

Monday, 22 August 2011

hi :)

as you may know games day UK is in about a months time, and as i do wnjoy my painting i thought id go along :) for the contest i am doing 2 entries:  a fun diorama and a serious entry: a grey knight banner bearer. hes now undercoated but i thought id share some of the pre- undercoat photos :)

assembled (minus the banner)

in all the parts prior to undercoating!
as you may have noticed there is a non gw bit there (a ammo belt from dragonforge) , now befor the cries of: evil GW will eat your soul for that, id like to say thanks to the GW staff who were very helpful with my inquiries when i asked for advice and said it'd be cool to use the bits in GD.

so thoughts? any suggestions for the banner? 


p.s. i started painting the GS screamer, and it now has a cool shark-like belly and teeth :) sadly the camera died so no pics tonight!


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