more GKT wips, now 75% of the grey DONE :D

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

hi :D

more painting time :D but also more arfter the jump due to the page getting really crowded!

the GK projects end is in sight, sadly i have only 30 ish days to do:

2 ghost knights
a large diorama
a land raider (heck i havent even bought it)
and a GK banner bearer for GD

this will be fun :D sadly my maths teacher has decided that we need more homework, lots of it -_-

so anyway here are the

rubbish lighting shot #1

blurry arm shot #1

its not blurry :P its a force field

defo a force field

*force field off*
*terrible lighting begin*

the body (note the greave that will recive fancy freehand :D)

so there ya have it :D



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